Monday, March 24, 2008

Pictures of Cooper in the hospital

it was hard to take pics of him in the hospital and I must admit that it felt weird. Usually it is just happy things that we take pics of. But this too was a part of his little life.

We called this Cooper's cage. Any child 4 and under had to be in one due to insurance issues.

Phil brought him a balloon and a toy car. He was feeling better so he was sitting up watching Blue's Clue's and playing.

Than Auntie Sue and Uncle Dennis stopped by. She played with him and he was excited to be standing to play. He crashed shortly after. I couldn't resist the bum shot. This was the smallest gown they had at a size 6.

Feeling better. Sunday morning getting to eat real food. He was eating all he could.

Then it was discharge time. He got out of there yelling bye as fast as he could. These balloons are from the ladies on my birth board. Really sweet of them. The car balloon is from daddy of course. LOL.


Mommy to Ander and Wife to Box said...

It's so nice to see Cooper looking like he feels good!

Nicole said...

awwww the bum shot is really cute
glad he is doing better

Mystic2mom said...

Poor lil guy. Glad he's doing better!