Wednesday, July 16, 2008


there is a busy body nosey cow in our building that can't keep her nose on her own face. She is in our business about Phil's mustang that is just sitting in the parkade. The STUPID mustang is not selling. We even knocked it down to $2400. It just isn't the market.
So it is sitting in the parkade without insurance on it, but is covered under our HOUSE insurance but that doesn't matter. I have to go out and spend more money on this CAR that is not even being used by us. We need to sell it. We can't afford it. I just want to take it to the wrecker and get rid of it.
but there is no point to get rid of a perfectly fine car. grrr....
I HATE where we live. I hate busy bodies. I can't stand people getting involved in our business. The smokers, the pot, the noise, the phone calls are all really getting to me. I just want to up and move away from ALL OF THIS!!

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Nicole said...

borrow the license plates off the busy body cow's car?