Thursday, July 10, 2008

The scariest thing just happened to me today.

I took Cooper and my daycare boy down to the park. I let them walk, it is at the end of our street. Something told me to bring the stroller though.
So I get closer to the park and I see this guy pacing the little walk way into the park. I thought it was odd and held the kids hands a little tighter. We walked through the ally type thing that leads to the park. The guy was leaning on the corner of the fence. He said HEY. I ignored him as my DB (daycare boy) said PARK!! So I said "Yes ____, that's the park."
So we walked into the park and I kept my third eye on this guy. Who then sat down and watched us. I pushed the stroller all the way into the park. I look over my shoulder and I don't see him there anymore. So I was hesitantly taking out my camera. I NEVER take my camera when it is just me with the kids. I start taking some pictures then see him out of the corner of my eye again. This time a bit closer. Then he walks onto the grass and we are on the gravel. He is a ways away still. He yells, "is that a digital video camera?" I just said yes. He said how many minutes does it hold. I looked at him and said it was a camera while pushing it behind me.
Then I turn to the kids, who are like 4 feet behind me and bend down to their level. I tell them that we have to go. Cooper pitches a fit. Who wouldn't? We had just gotten there. I looked at him and asked him to look in my eyes. He did and I said, "Cooper that man is scaring mommy. We need to get in the stroller and go." so Cooper says ok. We get Cooper and my DB in the stroller. I lock them down. I ask Cooper to hang onto the camera. The guy is watching every move we make. So I start to leave the park. Racking my brain thinking what I could do. There is a bit of panic rising and I realize that I need to get to a house and HOPE that they will let me use their phone.
I look over my shoulder and he is following us out of the park. So I turn to the house that is right on the edge of the park. Knock on the door and hope that they speak English and will help me out.
A teenaged boy answers. I told him that there is a guy behind me following me and if I could please use his phone to call the cops. He said sure. Grabbed the phone, then I said, is there anyway I can go in the backyard or something so it looks like I know you. The boy was very nice and said sure.
So we go into the backyard and I called the cops. They ended up coming and looking for the guy, who had in turn already walked back to the park to watch us in this yard. The cop took all my information. I appologized and said sorry for taking up his time. He said, "No you did the right thing." I said I was scared to walk home. He said it was ok that he would watch me head home. So he headed towards my house while I ran home. No jogging just flat out run. Then he got to our street and turned around to leave. I waved thanks and he waved back.
I was most concerned about the boys. Then a friend said, what if he did something to you in front of the boys. That made me realize that it could have happened. Then the kids would be traumatized. My main concern was the boys. I didn't care what would happen to me. Didn't even think about it. My concern was their safety.
I told the cop I didn't know if he was just a shady character or if he was strung out. The cop kind of chuckled and said, "it's abbotsford. He is probably strung out." LOL.
I cried when I got home. The adrenaline wearing off. I was really scared. I will NEVER be going back to that park again.


Kaylyn said...

Oh Misty!! That is a horrible thing! So glad to know you go home safe!!

Had the same thing happen when Brayden was like 2 months. It was late summer and I was walking home as the sun was setting. A yellow truck circled around us as I walked up the street. I was less then half a block away from home!!
went to a house and asked to call a neighbor...they let us in. SO thankful!! Called the cops and they had some other ladies call in and complain about the same vechile!! One of the most scray things I have ever been thhrough!!

rodbot said...

why don't you carry your old cellphone with you and pretend to call someone or 911. give him a few glares while on the phone.

or just carry your old phone charged, I believe 911 still works.

Michelle said...

Oh! That's creepy and scary! Glad it turned out well. I would have stopped to use the phone as well.