Friday, July 11, 2008

Where I live is starting to drive my insane.

I am just a big old ray of sunshine aren't I?
But our condo is starting to drive me NUTS.
I am very thankful for it and to have an inexpensive place to live but at the same time things are driving me INSANE!!

- we are running out of room
- I have smokers beside me, behind me, and kiddy corner above me.
- a neighbour across the way doesn't speak english. I think it is German and she YELLS in German. Then every night her porch light goes on at 11pm and she is still yelling at who ever is in the house.
- the room, did I say that??
- being on the third floor.
- no where for the kids to play besides a small porch.
- can hear the neighbours above me
- can't draw chalk on the sidewalk cause I get in trouble by busy body on strata.
- said busy body always has something to complain about with us

ok...I vented. We need to sell this car so we can save money. I need out!!

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Nicole said...

I 100% completely know what you mean and sympathize with you!