Monday, August 11, 2008

and then there was day 4......

as most of you may know I joined the gym last Tuesday. I have a trainer and everything. Well today was day 4......

WHEW!! I am DEAD! Phil is pouring me a nice HOT bath.

I have always wanted a trainer and I am so glad I have one but Daaaaaaaannnnnnnggggggggggggggg........

She had me do 4.5 flights of stairs. One set of single steps up and one double. Then cross overs with the medicine ball, squats with the big ball, sit ups, step ups, did I say stairs? Bicept curl and tricept press, stairs, and press ups.
There is more but I am SO SORE I can't think.

but I will be honest...DANG I FEEL GOOD! Although I can't move. I come in the door and Phil cuts me up a fresh peach. Runs my bath. I am gonna take two IBproufen and the hot bath then go to bed.

Tomorrow is working out in the pool. Then I am going to take two days off then do cardio on Friday. There will be walking with the kids too. My workout today was 2 hours.

We measured me too because that will be a good thing to go by, better then pounds she said.

This will work! She said I did really good. Kept telling me good job. Said that for how long I was out of working out I was doing really well. I pushed myself as much as I could. I do NOT regret this yet.

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