Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Tired of reaching out
you give in and lose all
you had ever known.
Arms by your side you
have given in to defeat.
The loneliness and darkness
surround you until you
can't breathe anymore.
you lose who you were somewhere
within the struggle.
Given up with all hope lost;
Just as you had given in, admitted
that you are alone, defeated,
badly bruised and bleeding
Safety reaches out to you.
Pulls you in under it's wing as
you lean your head against its
warmth, giving in to the tears,
the anger, the hurt and vulnerability.
Safety pulls you close and doesn't
let you go as you break down.
Feeling weaker with each tear, with
each sob you surrender.
Surrender to the safety that reached
back to you just as you
knew you couldn't go on.
Safety knew, knew the Love you needed,
knew the Touch, knew the Surrender
that was only available through
His love.
You are worthy, you are safe, you
are vulnerable but shielded.
His arms reached out as you lay
there broken and torn in the
darkness you became familiar with.
Then came the Safety and light as
you battle to stay strong you
believe that He won't leave you.
You have to believe that

1 comment:

so i go said...

well done, you.
Safety indeed.