Tuesday, September 02, 2008

so frustrated

this last week has been such a roller coaster.

Last Sunday the nausea started. Then Tuesday the pain started down by my appendix. Went into the ER because it was so painful. Admitted then discharged the next day because the u/s showed fluid but the appendix was fine. Was told if it got worse then to come back.

Saturday. Took Cooper to the aquarium. It was hard to walk around but I did it for Cooper. It was nice though. Went for lunch then pain started under the bottom of my ribs on the right. Along with the lower right side pain. Started throwing up. Went BACK to the ER. Hooked up to an IV again. Pumped with pain killers and anti-nausea meds. I think I reacted to one but they flushed my system and didn't give it again.

Another ultrasound along with two blood tests, more urine and a CT scan. Sent home because the appendix and gallbladder looked fine but there was an infection of "some sort" so I was put on Sulfa tablets. Came home Sunday.

Fast forward to today. The pain is still there but small in the appendix area. The pain in my gallbladder area is there as well as pain in my kidneys.
I REALLY don't want to go back to the ER. I am so frustrated. I am starting to vomit again. I am shaking, dizzy etc. Can't eat either. I just am not sure what to do now. Trying really hard to ride it out.

I am SOOO freaking frustrated, confused and upset. Don't have strength to cry! Short with Cooper, who is sick with a cold. COME ON! This has to end!


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