Saturday, September 06, 2008


A friend of ours, Nicole, came over tonight to watch Cooper so Phil and I could go out for an anniversary dinner.

So Phil and I went out to The Keg. STEAK AND LOBSTER for me!! Phil had steak and crab. We hadn't been to the Keg for a long time. We went once since he proposed 7 years ago. Yes he proposed at the Abbotsford Keg. A night I will never forget. Neither should Michelle and Rod. :P LOL.

Then Phil and I didn't want to wait for a movie. It was too late of a start time and we didn't want to be out TOO late or be gone too long for Nicole. So we went BOWLING! It has been like five years since we had gone.


The lights went out, the lasers and music came on as well as the black light. We played two games. It was so fun! We are both sore. LOL.

A very expensive night but we so needed it. It was wonderful.

On Monday we will be celebrating 7 years. Time flies.

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Michelle said...

Yay you! We went to the Keg too, thanks to a gift certificate from Value Village lol!

Bowling sounds like great fun. I's sure the last time we went was with you guys. I can't wait to take Pay bowling, I guess she's old enough now isn't she? FUN!