Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Praising in unusual circumstances

last night our car was broken in to. I am not sure how they got in to the parkade but they got in to my car because Phil left the doors unlocked. I know someone was in the car because my insurance papers were everywhere. Things were pulled out of the console and my driver side doors were both open, not fully latched closed....

Now normally I would give Phil an ear full. I have before. This time I wasn't even mad. I thanked God for it. Odd hey? Well this is what I look at.....

my doors could have been locked then the thieves would have just broke the window to get in. Then I would have had glass all over the vehicle seat and the kids car seats.
I would of had to pay a $300 deductible to get a window fixed (even if they catch the person(s)I wouldn't see my money back until they went to insure a car in their name. Been there done that before.)
They could have damaged my door.

Also they didn't take my CD player or my MP3 player. So I praised God about that too. They didn't touch the carseats. They were both still tightly installed. No cuts or damage done to them. So another YAY!

Sure I feel violated. If I told you I didn't you could watch my nose grow. Yet even though this is all happening and has happened I sit here praising God. It could have been worse. That is so new for me.

I am learning a lot and yes I believe I still need to lean on God. I choose to look at the blessings and the good in this situation rather then the bad. There is something uplifting and freeing about that. Sure it sucks monkey butt that it happened but we are safe. Nothing was taken and I praise God.

Feels good to praise....

here are some pics:
glove box emptied

contents on seat, from glove box and center console

This is hard to see but there are finger prints above the handle here.

Both doors open.

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Anonymous said...

Great way to look at a bad thing. Way to go!