Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can we just get a break!!!

So this afternoon/evening around 5 Cooper turned on a dime yet again. I was just thinking how great it was he had no fever today. He was playing fine today even walking all bundled up out in the snow with my friend.

He woke up from his nap all happy and was acting totally fine all day. Then at 5ish pm he put his left ear to his shoulder and started to whine. Didn't want to play and poked at his ear. I asked him if he had owies and he said yes. I asked where and he said, right here. Pointing to his ear. So my red flag went up that it was an ear infection.
Then closer to 7 he was whiney, clingy and basically hitting his jaw where the ear meets the jaw line. So we took him to the clinic. Then while in there he became agitated, restless and almost like he was dillusional. Didn't make any sense, couldn't get comfortable or anything.

The doctor came in and Cooper stayed laying on my lap. The doc looked at his left ear and said, "WHOA! That is Baaaad" then looked at his right and was about to say it was ok then he got a better look at it and said that it was getting just as bad. Not quite there but pretty close.

So we have antibiotics now. I feel bad for it but I think it was past the point of being an early ear infection. So we had to give a double dose per docs orders to get it rolling faster because they were so bad. Then had to give 1.5tsp tylenol to try to help knock out the pain.

He was so not himself. It was awful. He even went to his room and crawled into bed saying he wanted to go to sleep!

Of course it gets me thinking about all the crap that has happened within the last month. Miscarriage, migraines, late period, cold for Cooper and me, Cooper having croup and the week long fever etc etc etc but then I stop myself and won't allow it. I think about the blessings of last month.

Can this just all stop now PLEEEEASE!! sigh...

thanks if you read this far.

I know God has blessed us and although this stuff is happening it is ok. Because God has my back. I just have to remember the good times. I won't let the enemy play with all the feeling sorry for myself. I will praise Him in this storm!

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