Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ever so patient....

You ever notice how God just doesn't give up? He will NEVER give up?

Sometimes I wonder why He hasn't given up on me. Others would have by now. Yet I realize that He is not like other people. He is not like PEOPLE period. He is a gracious and compassionate God. He keeps coming after me with love. How cool!

So reading my Wallflower book and came across something. Always the right timing...

"God has great patience with new believers. He understands the weakness by which we begin. Just learning about grace. Only beginning to walk by faith and battle our old sin patterns. The very good news is that there is hope for those of us who struggle in earnest to become women of great faith.

Thankfully, non are ever turned away from the grace of God. All of us have a certain hope because of God's patient mercy and love.

Jesus promised the disciples that the Holy Spirit would come after Him to live inside of them and give them power. That same promise holds for every believer today." p. 108-109

ok. Did you catch that? He understands. Has great patience. There is HOPE. NONE are ever turned away from His Grace. Did I mention there is HOPE. We have the promise of the Holy Spirit.

Now is that not the coolest! Now THAT is a Papa!!

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