Friday, December 12, 2008

You love me......

without fail everyday You stoop low
enough to wrap Your arms around
me and lift me into Your embrace.
You love me no matter what I may
or may not do.
Your love for me is so huge that I can't
even explain how it blows my mind
yet You still wait patiently and You
know that I am wanting to
love You more deeply.
No matter what You have the patience
to persevere after me and to hold
onto me and help me understand
Your amazing grace and love.
I don't deserve it but You
believe I do and You believe I am
worth it.
As I reach to grab onto Your
love and hold onto Your Hope
You hold me tight and whisper that
You are there.
You remind me that You have not
left me and You are an
ever present truth in this crazy world.
You hold me tight.
You love me every day.
You are patient.
You are kind.
You are love.
Thank you.
I love You and thank You that You
love me in all my weakness, all
my anger, all my strength and joy.
No matter what You love me.

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