Friday, May 26, 2006

Prime Time With God

Dear Lord, I long to have more of You. I want to obey Your voice, to receive Your correction. I trust in you and want to draw near to You, just to feel Your presence. I want to love You more, Father and Creator. I thank You for Your blessings. I praise You for who You are. You are awesome and great and greatly to be praised. The work of Your hands is beautiful. You are so merciful. Your love is so liberating. I appreciate Your blessings so much. Let me share Your blessings with others, that they may know that You are God our Father and there is none like You. I lift my hands to You today, to receive a touch from on high. Thank You, in the name of Jesus, amen.


Shari said...

my prayer also

Radlife said...

Amen. And you do bless people. Thanks for your prayers.
God Bless

So I Go said...

Loved this..

thank you!