Sunday, May 07, 2006

What an awesome surprise!

Today I was given a surprise shower. It was so cool. Thanks everyone.
Phil had asked me if Sue or Michelle might be doing a shower for me and as far as I knew no one was doing one. No one had said anything to make me think there was going to be one.
Today after church Sue and I went to Superstore to pick up something for lunch. (Or so I thought) I did think it was kinda weird that Sue kept checking her watch like she had to be somewhere. Then on our way back to her house she asked if we could stop by the church office because Susan had something for her to pick up. We pulled into the office parking lot and I saw a friends car. Thought that was odd. Sue made an excuse for it but I don't remember what she said. Then she said, might as well come in with me, Susan might want to see the baby. Walking up to the door Sue slowed down her steps and I went ahead of her. She opened the door for me. When I walked in I saw the tables with nice table cloths and tulips on them. Then I saw the balloons and streamers and the sign that said, "Baby shower." I kinda stood there in shock. I was like.....awwwwww........Then I kept saying thank you.
It was awesome, and it was all food that I could eat and not worry about whether or not it was going to affect baby. We got a lot of fun, useful and cool things. We were spoiled and it was so nice to see so many of my friends. It was a close and intimate thing, so I thought, and I didn't get overwhelmed. Sometimes if there are too many people I can feel overwhelmed and watch my baby like a hawk. I felt safe and knew Cooper was as well. Cooper was out most of it and didn't mind being handed around at all. I am not used to things being about me and being surprised is something that just never happened before. It was such an awesome day.
It was an awesome shower and I felt so blessed and loved. Thank you all. Surprises sure are fun!


Radlife said...

Surprises are awesome. It feels good to know when your brothers and sisters are thinking of you.
God Bless

So I Go said...

i echo that as well..

great pics; i'm so happy for you. enjoy these precious years.