Monday, July 24, 2006

The best of the best of the best

We had learned about this yesterday in church. There was a video that talked about the steps that were required to become a disciple back when Jesus would have been a youth so back when he was alive in the world. How only the best went on. You studied and if you were the best at that stage you went to the next. If you were the best at that you continued and you became a disciple to the church if you were the best of the best of the best.
Pastor Susan had some really good points. I can't put them to words because I can't quote exactly what she said but I am sure I am going to end up saying things along the same lines.
The best of the best of the best. Crap! I am so not there. I am not the best even. I am a sinner. I have failed. I have done mistakes and have asked for forgiveness for them.
Jesus didn't care if you were the best of the best of the best. He was looking for you. Those that went back to continue with the family business because they weren't good enough to carry further to become a disciple. He called to those people and those being shocked dropped what they were doing and followed him. It didn't matter to Jesus how smart you were, how good you were just that you were His father's child.
I have struggled and still struggle with understanding why God has chosen me. Why me? I am not smart. I don't know the bible. He is proud of me. Why? What did I do to make him proud? I don't do extraordinary things. I am simple. I can't quote the bible. I know some verses but yet can't tell you where they are. I have sinned. I have failed but yet He still wants me? He still chooses me to come with him? Why?
Because I am His child. Unlike our Earthly parents that may shut us out, friends that may let us down and people that will just turn us away and call us failures. God is proud of me. He loves me. He keeps persevering to bring me to Him. Even when I hide.
Not being the best of the best of the best I feel like I am not worthy. To Him though I am. I am forgiven by Him. Loved unconditionally by Him.
I may feel like I am a bad mother sometimes and like I am failing my child in so many ways but God believes in me. He chose me to become a Mommy and that is the greatest gift He has delivered to me. I am not the best but I am good enough in God's eyes. I am His child therefore I am always the best to Him. Even through the sin he will forgive me. He won't let me down. He calls me to follow Him even though I have no idea what I am doing. But being the Masterful teacher He guides my steps, and urges me to continue. I can with His help.
I am good enough for Him. He believes in me. A failure, a sinner, a human being with mistakes and He still holds me in His arms and trusts me and calls me to Him.
I am glad that I may not be the best of the best of the best because being the human I am I am privledged and blessed enough to be His even though I feel I am not.
I hope this made sense!

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Internet Street Philosopher said...

Amen. I feel like a screwup many times, but God still works with me.