Wednesday, July 05, 2006


so as my 27th has now come and gone I find myself reflecting a bit. Dangerous, I know. Really it was only just another day. Another day that found me frustrated that I had nothing to wear cause I still have my baby weight to lose. But then I found myself thinking and realizing that I would do it all over again for my little boy. In a heart beat. He looks up at me and smiles and that was the birthday gift I needed.
Now, every year (except this one and I am not sure why) my mom calls me at 9:52pm to say happy birthday. The time that I was born. I always did think it was kind of silly until this year and the time went by and there was no phone call. I actually felt disappointed. Maybe she just forgot. Why feel bummed about that?
I realize now though how important that time was for her. How important it was to call me at that exact time. Remembering the birth of her first child and only daughter. I get it now.
6:40am God blessed our lives with my handsome son. 6:40am, the sun was just flowing through the room the second he was born. There he was, on the bed and the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and the room brightened with God's light. Easter Sunday my son came into this world. The significance of that day forever etched into my mind. The beauty of the moment. The reason why I will always wake my son up at 6:40 am just to tell him happy birthday and that I love him.
The meaning why my mom always called me at that specific time makes more sense to me now. Now I understand. The exact moment that my life was changed forever. The exact moment when my heart filled with so much love that I didn't ever think it was possible to love someone that much. (no offense to my husband) Just when I didn't know if my heart would ever be able to love him like I wanted I was proven wrong as I looked down at what we had created together. What God had blessed me with forever.
Birthdays seemed to have a whole new meaning to me this year.

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