Sunday, July 02, 2006

We're back!

I took lots of pictures. Go here to view them.

We were totally amazed at how well Cooper took this weekend. We still gave him bath times and story. We still did the bedtime routine. The first night he was SO tired. He slept from 9 to 5. Then the next night he did his normal thing of 9 to 2. He was such a good boy. Naps were a little hard but he got lots of cuddles.
Grandma got to see happy baby in the morning. That is his happiest time.
We went for a walk. We went on the boat too.
Man, the boat was hard for me to do with Cooper. I cried before we got on. I was so scared. I was nervous and anxious. It was time to go on the boat and I hesitated. I cried. (side note - Daddy is playing with Cooper right now and he is LAUGHING!)
The boat ride went well. The life jacket looked pretty funny on him. He was learning to drive the boat with Grandpa at 2 and a half months!!
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It was a beautiful weekend. No burns. No mosquito bites on Cooper, Mommy took them for him!
There were a lot of firsts for him this weekend. First time in a tent, on a boat, camping, in a hammock, seeing fire (he was mesmorized by that one!) and first time hiking down to a river.
We had so much fun. He was in the playpen with a bug net over it and I was so surprised at how well he did. He had a touque on, socks on his little hands and a thick blanket. The funny thing is that at night time he had managed to turn himself slightly more then 90 degrees in the playpen. Now, I have to watch him in the crib. He is pushing more with his feet and moving a bit.
At first he did NOT like the life jacket then he calmed down. Then he fell asleep listening to the roar of the boat. It was too cute.
I am sure that I will think of more to write later but for now that should be enough. Any questions, ask away. Just in case I forgot something. hehe.....
Now the unpacking, the washing and the resting begins. Glad to be home though.

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Michelle said...

Glad you guys had such a good time!