Thursday, February 19, 2009


So last night the smoke alarm went off. Well I thought it was the smoke alarm. I thought how weird it was because we were done dinner and there was no smoke. I didn't even burn dinner! Then the following all happened in a matter of seconds.
I realized, hey that alarm sounds different. I think it is the fire alarm. Then I could hear the alarm out in the hall. These alarms only go off if there is a fire in the building somewhere. The strip on the sprinklers has to break in the area the fire is in for the alarms to go off. So off I go.

Cooper was great. Followed me. I ran to his room, grabbed his hat and bear. Then by the front door I grabbed his coat and shoes. Slipped my shoes on and picked him up. I reached for the front door and stopped. Wait! Have to check for heat. I didn't remember in the moment if it was the palm of my hand or back of my hand so I felt with both. Door was cold. I looked out the peep hole. No smoke or flames. So I opened the door and went out in to the hall. I went straight for the stair well. Telling people to come down the stairs and cross the street. Helped a mom with twins to guide them to the stairs. I got outside and across the street. Sat Cooper down and put his coat, hat and shoes on. THEN I realized I didn't grab my purse or my coat. Oh well not going back in and Cooper is safe.

Then I smelled it. The smoke was sickening. The fire department came, police closed off our street. A couple of lookie loos got in an accident at the end of the street. The firemen had to pull the lady out of her burning suite because she was walking around in the smoke looking for her cat! So she was taken to the hospital with smoke inhalation. So five fire trucks, two ambulances and a handful of police cars were on our street. As we were going outside from the building I told Cooper we get to see fire trucks. I was so proud of him. He listened to me and did really good. Phil was at his mom's. My neighbour let me use her phone and call her then he came home.

I found myself praying and thanking God that we were safe, and that we have house insurance! The fire was the floor below me and two doors over. Thankfully I have no smoke damage and we were allowed back in. My poor neighbour had to leave the building though.

I could have started to blame God because this was just another thing to add to all the crap but I surprised even myself. I didn't blame. I did nothing but praise and thank Him.
"I'll praise You in this storm
And I will lift my hands
For You are who You are
No matter where I am
Every tear I've cried
You hold in Your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will praise You in this storm " - Casting Crowns

I chose to look at the positive. It could have been SOOOO much worse. I did make a joke to my neighbour saying, dang I just got those passports. Of course everything was in the house and I would have lost a lot but our place was fine. More importantly WE are fine. God was watching out for us. He had our back. He helped me keep a level head and get outside. My main focus was my child. I am sure if I had an animal I would have left them. Nothing against animals but your priorities change.

It is moments like these that I KNOW He is there. I need to make sure I try really hard to focus on that. Easier said then done. When the darkness and hurt engulf you you struggle. You don't know where to turn. The enemy plays on your insecurities. But as God made it evident last night, He really does care. He does watch out for ME. I don't get it but I guess there are things that just need to have the faith to believe in. THIS Father won't leave me. He loves me. He protects me. Now to let it sink in and try to remember it. To try to shake this darkness.

"Listen, my [daughter], accept what I say, and the years of your life will be many." Prov. 9:10

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