Friday, February 13, 2009


*this is my view and my view only. This is NOT to start a debate. If it does at all the post will be removed. Discussion is fine but no debates, no knocking someone down and no name calling*

I am very fortunate to have been lucky enough to nurse Cooper. I was able to breast feed him until 15 months when I had to go on meds that I didn't feel comfortable taking while nursing. 19 months later I still have milk.
I LOVE pumping and nursing. I found it made me feel like I had a great purpose. I was very lucky that I didn't get breast infections, I didn't have to fight for my supply and Cooper nursed well. To this day when I see people nurse I smile. I love the idea of it.
I was prepared before having Cooper that it would be painful. I didn't know JUST how painful it would actually be. Mind you it was only pain in the beginning as your body got used to clamps. lol! I was determined NOT to use formula. Although I do not find anything wrong with formula and I am glad it is there for those that choose to use it or can't nurse. When I see someone nursing I still feel like I have an infant nursing. It is the best feeling and I still have dreams about it. I do hope it is something everyone gets the opportunity to do!

Now here is why I bring this all up.
There was a video of Selma Hayeck (sorry if I spelt the name wrong) nursing a hungry African baby. Some people have been saying it was selfish, sick, what if she got a disease etc. Umm..the risk of disease transfer while breast feeding is a lot lower then the fact that a child will die from hunger. I think it was a very unselfish thing for her to do. To be honest I think I would have done it as well.

There are mother's out there that freak out if their children see a nursing baby. The breasts were created for milk far before they were seen as sexual. Think about it. Think about how God made it all work, that the milk flows, it is life giving and nurturing. There is nothing better. Oh no! Don't look now there is a child eating their meal! I see a breast. Good gravy people!

I also don't think a mother should have to go in to a bathroom to nurse, or be kicked out of a restaurant or anything just because she is nursing. I don't even think you should have to cover up. I cover up because I am more modest. But who knows if I have another child I may not be so modest! After all do you sit in the bathroom to eat, do you get kicked out of a restaurant, do you eat with a blanket over your head?

This just has been on my mind since seeing the wonderful video. I probably would have nursed until at least 2, or whenever he self weaned. I have not ever blogged about it yet because there is so many opinions on the matter. But this is my blog and my thoughts. This just happens to be one of them! I hope everyone is blessed enough to nurse a child. I think it is a great gift from God.

and THAT is my two cents on the matter.....


wilsonian said...

Haven't seen the video, so I can't comment on it.
Haven't had kids, so I can't comment on nursing.

However, I have been to Africa. And I can say that in many African cultures, the family structure is not the same as it is here. Communities raise children, not just the birth parents. In these communities, if a child is hungry, and a woman there can feed the child... she does. To do anything else (ie. let the child go hungry) wouldn't make any sense. So it's likely that what Hayeck was doing was absolutely normal (and expected) in that culture. Simple.

Miss-buggy said...

exactly. I think it is wonderful and I would have done it. I would rather feed a hungry baby with what God has given me then walk away from that little one. I think it is great. But that is me. lol

Nicole said...

I just think back to how there were wet nurses and women didn't even nurse their own babies. I know some women are comfortable enough to nurse other babies, but I think both parties need to be comfortable with that.