Friday, September 16, 2005

Little bits of useless information

Why am I up?? I am wanting to crawl into bed and stay there. But see I am going away for four days so the anal person that I am needs to clean. Someone else is coming into my home to feed the cat so got to make sure the place is clean.
Sue, Dennis Phil and I are going away to Victoria for four days. I haven't been there since '92. Grade seven field trip. Leaving first thing tomorrow morning. Like a little kid I am having issues with being too excited. I bet I won't get any sleep tonight. We get to go on the ferry!! We might even go and see a butterfly museum thing. The last vacation Phil and I took away like this was for our wedding four years ago. You know, the kind where you actually take time off work. I AM SO EXCITED. Simple thing I tell ya.....
Don't really want to clean though. Have to check my lists off. Make sure everything is packed. So much to do.

Oh and I have to through something in here about baby. Man are my stomach muscles being stretvhed and conformed. I can't stretch, or even sneeze, without feeling I am about to pull those muscles. I sneezed like 8 times early this morning and twice more now. Man!! Sneezing sucks!!

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Sue said...

yeah I guess I could throw some things in the suitcase today, but clean house! you have got to be kidding!