Thursday, January 25, 2007

Cooper Update

He sounds better this morning. He still has a bit of a bark but all in all it does sound better then yesterday.
Last night was a little rough. He had some trouble sleeping from 3am on. So he got up at 6 something and then he was playing and his head kept hitting the floor cause he was tired. I have only ever seen him do that once before. So about a hour ago I tried to put him to bed. He fell asleep about 30 minutes ago. I am hoping that he gets some good sleep.
There is just something about your baby being sick that just wretches you inside. Makes fears more hightened and you more alert. I asked God to keep me alert to Cooper's needs. I think He did.
He is really clingy today and tired. I hope he continues to get better. Thanks to anyone that cared and anyone who decided to pray. Means a lot.

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