Saturday, January 27, 2007

OK....this is way too cute NOT to share!!!

This morning Cooper got up at 6. But that is ok cause he slept from 7-6am. YAY COOPER!! is the day that Phil doesn't have ot go into work until later on in the morning.
All of a sudden Cooper was quiet. I thought he was in his room. So I was quickly finishing up my devotion. Then I hear Phil "MMIISTTY" I get to the bedroom and see the door open. I was like oh no, Cooper woke him by playing with the cats dishes. There is gonna be water every where. So I go in there and there is Phil and COOPER on the bed.
Phil said that Cooper woke him up. He said, "I hear Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad and look up and he is standing at the foot of the bed. I can see his little head."
NOW HOW CUTE IS THAT!! (just now it sounded like he said, I got it Dad. He is playing with his monitor)
Phil said it was weird cause he is not used to being woken up by Cooper saying Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad. He said it was neat. I think so too!!
Cooper knew where Daddy was and he went all the way in there and stood at the foot of the bed and called for him. Now THAT is pretty special!!

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