Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Cooper woke up twice last night then at 10 to 5 this morning. Has not fallen back asleep. This is driving me nuts.
I am sick and have a sore back and in all honestly literally have zero tolerance. What the heck did I do wrong? Nothing. I am sure that it is ok but there is a little voice in the back of my head that says I am a failure.
He has always slept through the night. We have been very fortunate. But all of a sudden these last two weeks have been crappy. He wakes up then one of us is in there on the floor so he can see us until he falls asleep. Well, mainly Phil. Cause I am tired of this stuff that I just walk out after calming him or try to let him cry and fuss it out himself. He is not hungry. He just ate. He just has this wrong assumption that it is time to get up.
I am at a breaking point and am tired of this. Just want my baby back. He slept better for naps yesterday and that was a good thing. It is said that if they nap well they sleep well. Well, Cooper proved that wrong.
Oh the joys of being a mother. Wouldn't trade any of it for the world but come on!! When is my baby coming back. I know just as soon as you have them figured out they go and change again.
So I am sure he is going to be getting up soon. He is SO NOT going to last until 9 for his morning nap. Today is going to suck! Plus I have to go to the hospital and get a x-ray on my shoulder and then go across the street and see the specialist. I am hoping I get some sort of answers. Am tired of the pain and the numbness. Can't lift my arm or anything without the darn thing going numb. Maybe it is my elbow. I don't know anymore.
The only thing that I know is that I am a whiney, over tired, cranky mother. This should be fun!

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Michelle said...

"I know just as soon as you have them figured out they go and change again. "

That's so true. There is always something new. They go through phases and it's not your fault. I know it's not a lot of comfort right now but you'll get through it, I promise!