Wednesday, January 24, 2007

There is a seal in my house

nope it's Cooper!!
I broke down and took him to the doctors. I felt like an ass going in just in case it was nothing but in my gut I thought it was croup.
It all started this morning. Heard him crying mixed with the bark of a seal. Then later in the morning he coughed and still sounded like a seal. I reluctantly went in to his doc. He confirmed my suspicions. My little boy has croup.
Now I have to watch his breathing and cough. If either of them get worse we are supposed to go to the hospital. They gave him the medicine orally minutes after. The doctor called down to the pharmacy and told the perscription and I walked down there and sat for a few minutes. Then it was done. He took the medicine well. It tasted like grape. I tasted the little bit on my finger. The pharmascist was shocked at how well he took it.
So now there is a part of me that is worried. I am hearing the seal even when he breathes. Hope it goes away with the one dose like he said it SHOULD.
I called Phil and told him and he said he thought it sounded weird this morning and he even thought he heard something out of the ordinary last night. Parental instincts. He had croup come to his mind too. We were right. Wonder if God was trying to tell us that. Either way my insticts were correct and even though I was reluctant to go to the doctors I am glad I did.
Good thing though, his lungs sounded clear. That is good. Hoping that he will get better!!

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