Monday, January 22, 2007

In a good place

Was listening to our guest pastor yesterday and he was talking about Ruth and Naomi. How Ruth stayed with Naomi even though she didn't have to. She stuck with Naomi through her dark spots and hard spots.
He was talking about the trouble spots you may be in. The hard places that are dragging you down.
I have been in those trouble spots. The ones that feel like you will never come out of them. The darkness surrounds you. You think there is no way out and there is no light. You feel overwhelmed. You feel lost. Alone.
That is when it came to me. I am out of that spot. We are out of that hole. Sure I know that stuff will come our way again and there will always be trouble. Always stresses. Who knows I may sit here writing tomorrow about how I can't take something. Sure I feel at the end of my rope with Cooper's sleeping. But he is getting better (YAY!) and life just seems good.
I sighed. Thought about it. We are good. We are not in a hole. As of now we are good. We are happy. God pulled us out. Each and every time He pulled us through. We were broken and I think that we needed to be. We are learning our lessons but now we can see that there is hope at the end of this tunnel. That life is good.
What a relief. A weight came from my shoulders when I thought about it. We are not in a hole. We are going to be ok. Thank you Lord.

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Michelle said...

Yeah, I enjoyed that sermon too. I loved the part about embracing your struggles, embracing those struggling, and letting yourself be embraced. It's so hard sometimes, but so true.