Monday, April 18, 2005

What a great feeling

Had something on my mind the last couple of days.
A while back I posted a blog about wondering if anyone would go to my funeral. I posted that because I found out that I am not the only one that thinks that way. I wonder if I would be missed. I wonder if people would even notice that I was gone. Those are pretty deep thoughts and feelings that I have been having ever since I could remember.
Recently I found out something pretty cool.
I do matter. I am loved.
I have been told that before but it's like Satan is getting a big amount of pleasure out of making me forget that. He takes pleasure in making me doubt. He likes to toy with me and make me forget the encouragement that so many have given me. He makes me forget the love and the thoughts that are read to me. Making me think that I am miniscule and that no one would miss me. That no one would care. (At least I believe it is Satan, I may be wrong but what I feel is what I feel.) Funny how he tries to have a strong hold over such things. He was winning at that for a LONG time. Not anymore. God has come through with a vengeance. God is winning.
I have friends that are telling me that I am important. Making me feel like I am remembered and loved. They do little things for me that make me realize that someone cares. It's a big deal for me. It sounds so trivial but it makes me smile just knowing that my friends are there for me and that they are thinking about me and supporting me all the time.
Then I start to wonder if they know who they are. Then I try to stop myself. They must know. I return the same love that they show me. Yesterday I had a friend that gave me something that, to me, is very special. It made me want to cry. In the midst of everything she was doing and that she was going through she still remembered me. She still thought of me.
God lets people know that they are loved. He lets them know on some sort of a level that people are praying for you. I am so loved by so many people and it feels so awesome. It's like each person that gives me the love and the friendship helps me on this journey. It makes me realize how great and "how wide is the love of Christ...."
Thank you God for opening my eyes to that. Thank you.

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Michelle said...

Love you lots and don't you ever forget it!!!