Friday, April 01, 2005

So Exciting!!

I just bought my first set of Christian CD's!! I never thought I would be this excited. I bought Here I am to Worship 2 and WOW Worship. I am excited to start listening to them. It is so cool.
I also teach Sunday school so I just had to buy a kids CD too. I bought Songs Kids Love to Sing. It has 25 Sunday school songs. I totally need a video camera!! I put the CD in and it was priceless!! My husband started dancing to them!! He grew up listening to these songs and he still remembers all the actions. Guess who will be helping me with the songs to teach to the kids!! He is sitting here dancing to the music. So cute. Uncle Phil will be singing to Payton in no time!!


linda said...

hey...can I put Phil on your team with you and Tysey???

Luke Sims said...

Is this post sincere?

Miss-buggy said...