Wednesday, March 30, 2005

It Breaks My Heart

I have only been doing the sandwich giveaway for a little while now. It has become such a major part of my life. That and street church.
I got a new job, which is great but...
I will have to work Sundays. That means I might miss church, miss the giveaway or even street church. It truly breaks my heart. It actually makes me want to cry. The joy that I feel helping others is indescribable. The smiles on the peoples faces. Out there we have one major thing in common - Christ. It hurts that I will miss the most important part of me that has become my life lately.
If God didn't want me at this job, I wouldn't be there right? Maybe they won't schedule me for Sundays. I can pray about it, but I just pray thanks that I got the job.
Right now something is going on with my head and stomach still. I have been praying that it will be better by tomorrow. I won't give up on that but at the same time I am scared.
As you can see there are a few things going on right now. The ones that hurt the most I have listed. It truly breaks my heart that I won't be there every Sunday and makes me cry.


Mitch said...

you'll be in my prayers

rose said...

it is difficult to imagine a life without sandwich giveaway, or street church (i really understand this). i'll keep you in my prayers, as God continues to work in your life, and you continue to work in others lives (even if it's not at the street ministry).