Thursday, March 24, 2005

There's a first for everything

So yesterday I did a first. I cut my friends' 7 and a half year old sisters hair. I looked at Holly and said "you need a hair cut"
Michelle said that Chely told her she could cut her bangs if she felt brave enough. Michelle said that she wasn't brave enough. I said "I'll do it!"
So I cut the bangs. They looked so cute. Then I decided that she needed a trim to help the hair stay healthy and grow. After consulting both Michelle and Holly I got the go ahead. I figured that I watched my hair dresser do my hair enough so I could do Holly's. It actually turned out quite cute. I did layers too!! New career?
So, Holly told me that I am now her new hair dresser. How sweet.
Funny, I can cut hair but yet I still need to get someone to dye mine.

1 comment:

Michelle said...

It does look really cute. But there's still no way anyone but my hairdresser touches my hair!!!

Oh and Holly's 6.5!! Your making ME feel old!!