Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I am the type of person that is very protective. I always have been and I always will be. I can't stand to see those that I love hurt so bad. You hurt one of my friends, or one of my family members, then watch out. Here I come to protect and retaliate on their behalf.
Lately I have seen a wonderful thing that makes me realize that there truly is someone else in control. A lot of people are hurting and you can sense anger, frustration and sadness. Yet they are giving it over to God. That is a tough one to do because you just want to protect those that you love. I have seen a lot of turning of the other cheeks. "If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to them the other also." Mt. 5:39
I truly see that this is more powerful than if I were to take over. God has His plans and what He has in store is greater than what I may ever want to do. Also, if I were to retaliate wouldn't it make them stronger?
My pride still stares me in the face and wants me to protect those I love and care about. Now I have realized that being there to support them is so much better than trying to take it on myself.
God's plans are greater and more efficient than mine.
The best thing that we can do is keep praying and loving. Wrap our arms around those that are hurt. Love and prayer are two wonderful gifts that God has given us that has more power than anything. (next to God - of course). I am so proud of all the strong people I see in my life.

So Lord, I ask for the strength to be in you and to love rather than hate. I ask that you protect all that are hurting. Let them know that you are in control. Thank you Lord that you are in fact in control and your protection is so great. You are so much stronger than anything else. Amen.

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