Friday, March 11, 2005

God's Reasons

You always hear how things happen for a reason. Lately some things have happened for a very strong reason.
My husband pointed it out this morning. Now why I didn't see it I don't know. . .

One of the guys at his work quit. Phil has been doing TONS of overtime. Now this is how Phil put it:
God made it so that Chris (the old co-worker) was able to get into school.
Chris quit and went to school.
Phil has been pulling some 12 hour days and a lot of overtime.
I am not working.
I am on EI making less than I could be.
God lined it all up. If Chris didn't quit Phil wouldn't be getting the over time. If Phil wasn't getting the over time I wouldn't be able to be off work. So God knew that it was my time to be off work and out of that STUPID job. ( I am sure He doesn't say STUPID though) Thus lining up the fact that Phil picks up the extra cash that I am loosing. God was preparing us for what He knew was going to happen in the next page of our books.


Connie said...

wonderful! I love it when He does that, and then enables us to see it

Connie said...

and maybe He set all this up so you could have this time to draw close to Him and receive His healing and be the blessing and encourager you've become to all of us.

Miss-buggy said...

Wow thanks Connie. I never thought of myself as a blessing or an encourager. That means a lot to me.
I know that if all this wouldn't have been happening there is no way I would be where I am today. I am so happy with becoming His and the journey I am on.
I will pray for you. You have done so much for me and I am so grateful. You are wonderful. THere are so many people in my lives that are with me on this journey. I will never forget any of you. Especially the one friend that helped it all start.