Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm An Idiot!!

Yep, it's official I am a tool! (idiot - whatever you want to call it)
2 main reasons as of yesterday:
first of all, I went to get up from sitting and my foot got caught on my pants and I did a face plant into the floor. (It must have looked pretty funny!!) Wrist loves me this morning!
second: Do not be fooled by fondue oil. I went to put it out and when I lifted the snuffer it was out. I looked down and it was like it had a mind of its own!! It reignited!! Yep - chemical burn to the eyes. I flushed them but it wasn't working. Michelle tried, to no avail. Then I rubbed them. Don't rub chemical that is in your eyes!! Yeah I was being told "stop rubbing!" A few times I was even yelled it. It was hard to remember when they were burning and SO itchy. Needless to say, it was off to Mission Emergency, the whole time Michelle was making sure I was sitting on my hands!! So this time it was my turn to call my husband and say, "I'm ok, but..."

So, Michelle drove me to the emerg (thanks Chel) cause obviously I couldn't drive considering I couldn't even open my eyes to walk. An hour and a half in the ermeg (I think) and then it was done.
No damage to the cornea. Good. But that freezing hurts!! So did the salene solution.
Yep, I'm an idiot!!

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Erin said...

wow that doesnt sound like much fun. everything happens for a reason! ( i wonder what God was trying to tell you with that one..)