Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Is it possible??

To connect my recent fits of sneezing with the baby?
My body is getting rid of the bad stuff and only giving the good to the baby? Just curious. I have been sneezing A LOT lately. Especially in the mornings.
Must be something to do with me and not the baby. Still makes me wonder though.


Michelle said...

I have no idea if it's "actually" possible but I imagine it could be because your body does weird things when it's pregnant!! It feels like it doesn't even belong to you anymore, and I guess it doesn't!!

So I Go said...


(and God bless you, just in case you're sneezing right now)

Shari said...

lol... it is totally possibly related to the baby. During all the changes, hormonal, physical and chemical, that you are going through, you can develop sensitivities or allergies. (Dust, seasonal, perfumes, etc) They can temporary, wearing off over time after baby is born, or they can be a new thing you get to keep. Happy souvenier! hehe
During two of my pregnancies, I had major allergic reactions to fabric softener. That sensitivity eventually went away after the babies were born.