Thursday, April 06, 2006

Baby First Aid Kit?

Something this over-prepared person didn't even really think about!!
I was reading a post from one of the new mothers on a pregnancy forum that I go to regularly. I am a person that usually prepares for things. Or tries at least. One thing this pregnancy has taught me is that I can't prepare or plan everything. Well, the only thing I can is the doctors appointment times. That is about it.
This mom had brought her baby home for the first night last night. I know people are preparing me to understand that the full nights sleep are soon to be over. But holy! This poor mom! Not only are you a first time mom but then this...
The baby got like no sleep and early this morning he woke up screaming like a banshee. They went to change him and noticed that somehow the umbilical cord had started to rip away from the belly button and was bleeding like crazy. That would have been enough for me to go flying to the ER. She called maternity and the doctor told her to bandage it up and clean it. She said that she didn't get the baby first aid kit that she registered for so it was a search through the first aid kit that was in her car. They made do. Found what they needed.
As I was reading this I was in tears. Another thing for me to think about! So I went to my first aid kit and pulled things out that I think might be useful. I used to have an awesome first aid kit but it was stolen when my old car was broken into and I just haven't replaced it because it would cost over $100. There are some things I am sure that I need to make this supply for baby "proper" but the funds aren't there right now. I am not whining. I am just surprised that I didn't even think of that. Didn't think to be prepared.
I am so scared to be a mom but at the same time I wouldn't trade it for anything. What if he won't stop crying? What if I don't bath him right? Put him to bed right? What if his umbilical cord rips? How do I clean that? What do I do for him once he is circumcised? So many questions. I am allowing myself to think through them at this point in time but I will try to let it go or else I will go nuts.
A baby first aid kit. Never thought of that. That in itself surprises me. I am first aid trained and know CPR and stuff but just the fact that I didn't even think about this is giving me a kind of reality check that I can't be prepared for everything. That I won't be prepared for everything.
Ok....Freaking out a little!
So many questions. So many what if's. I am sure my friends need to be prepared for an over anxious freaked out hormonal mom to be giving them calls! I know I am blowing this out of proportion but still. I am hormonal!!
I just hope I can do this. I need to see the faith in myself that God sees in me. I know that He will help me along. But man! Am I scared!

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wilsonian said...

Breathe deeply.
One more.
One more.

Okay... I understand that you're hormonal... but stay calm. You're going to be a fabulous mom.

And remember... millions of kids are born on dirt floors, with no running water, and no first aid kits. And they manage just fine. You're blessed. Your son is blessed. Relax...