Thursday, April 20, 2006

Never even thought......

About what I ate and the fact that it would be transferred to the baby.
Poor Cooper was so gassy last night. We got 2 hours of sleep. It was the roughest night of my life. I was putting my poor baby boy through all that pain because I didn't even think about something effecting him. I felt like I failed my little boy. Not sure if it was just my own thought patterns or that of the enemy but they were there and they were strong.
The tears just wouldn't stop. Phil got up with me and was there for me to just talk to when I needed it. He figured that he should be up too if I was up. I lucked out on such a great husband there!
Six o'clock this morning we made a trip out to Save on to get Ovol. On the advice of labor and delivery. I called them three times last night just freaked out and wondering what to do.
A friend came by today and watched Cooper and let me sleep. I felt guilty and bad walking away from him but she told me to go. I have friends that are keeping me in their prayers and thoughts as well and knowing that keeps me somewhat sane.
I swear I am never eating out again! Got to watch what I eat.
My mother in law printed us up a sheet that told us the different types of gassy foods that could effect baby. I was surprised at some of them! I tell ya!
Well, my little man is getting a little fussy. Time for a change of diaper then to try another feeding.
Please keep us in your prayers. Funny, you don't realize how tough it is until you are in this situation. I cried over a soother being used cause I don't like them but it calmed him down. Offered me piece of mind for a bit once I started getting over it.
Praying for sleep...

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Michelle said...

I hsve SO been there. Onions, garlic, and brocoli did bad things to Payton. Onions were the worst. She was fussy at the best of times but oh my when she got going, she really got going. I would bawl right along side of her.
Parenting is all about learning. Cooper is lucky to have such wonderful caring parents. You guys will figure it all out, don't be to rough on yourself and definatly get sleep when you can.

Oh and I too cried when we gave Payton the soother for the first time. Hormones and pre-conceived notions somehow didn't mix well.

Glad you've got support. Yeah Phil for getting up too!! And for friends who let you sleep. Love you guys!!