Thursday, April 27, 2006

Easter Sunday

I know this is late but I am hoping that I have the time to sit here and write.
Ever since I found out my expected due date, which was the 14th of April, I always thought of how cool it would be to have my baby on the 16th. To have my Son on the day in which we celebrated the rising of God's Son.
Well, it happened. My son came into the world on the day in which we celebrated the rising of our Lord. Cooper was born at 6:40am. Phil said it was cool cause as he was born the sun was just rising. The sun had rose just seconds before our little boy came into this world. I remember looking outside and seeing the sun shining. A day that was rainy as we checked into the hospital early that morning had given away to the glory of the sun. I do remember as he was born looking outside and seeing the sun and when he was placed on my chest feeling a overwhelming sense of peace come from within me. How perfect this moment felt. I couldn't have asked for more.
I felt really blessed to have my son come into the world on this day. I don't even know if I can put what I feel or how I felt into words that would do it justice. I could definitely feel God's presence and that in itself was enough to make me feel calm and peaceful. My son was just looking around, laying in my arms. He is perfect. Absolutely perfect. All his fingers and toes. Skin was beautiful. Man were we blessed.
I will never forget the feeling I had.
As a friend jokingly put it, "The tomb is empty and the womb is empty" (he has an interesting sense of humor!) talking about the birth of my boy.
I couldn't have thought of a better gift to receive on Eater then my son. Besides Jesus rising again. Cooper didn't come in a little blue basket with Easter confetti or chocolate but man is he the most perfect gift I could ever ask for.

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So I Go said...

wow.. how cool is that! so happy for you. blessings to both of you, and i wish you peace and rich memories of this special time together.