Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Oh my gosh!! I am now down to the single digits! Nine - 9!! - days until my due date. Nine days until LB should be here! Although I am really starting to think that this little guy just may be late. I think he is too content where he is. No real painful contractions or nothin right now. it really almost time!
Oh my gosh!! I am going to be a mommy real soon. That scares me!! me to be a good mommy.
Lord...please let me have a safe delivery and let the baby be healthy.

The worrying is there...


Michelle said...


Your going to do great.

deadly_wmn said...

i know! it just occured to me the other day - holy crap, i'm trapped!!! there's no way out of this and there's nothing i can do about it!! it's a scary thought. up until now, it's mostly been a concept or idea.... soon it will be reality.

Sue said...

You will be a great mommy, a little anal, but great. I'm still saying the 20th.