Sunday, April 23, 2006

A few things I have learned

Since having a child:

1) There is NO such thing as an easy labor. Yes there is such thing as someone who has a more difficult labor then someone else but labor is the messiest and most painful thing I have so far gone through.

2) No matter how much experience you have with children it is so much more different when it is your own child that you hold in your arms.

3) I never knew I could love a human being so much. Didn't know there was enough of that unexplainable love to go around.

4) They make your schedule.

5) You go through more diapers then you'd think!

6) When he looks into my eyes my heart just melts away.

7) God does amazing things. Created such a beautiful and perfect baby.

8) I need to have the same faith in myself that God has in me.

9) Sometimes all they want is to be cuddled.

10) You never know what you will be like in a situation until you are actually there. They will test your patience without their even knowing it.

11) I am so blessed.

12) I would do anything for my son. I love him so much I would go to the ends of the Earth for him. That must have been what Jesus felt like for us.

13) You tend to be more aware driving now and more in tune to safety and if the situation is ok for your child.

14) Your anxiety level can go from 0 to 10 in seconds if you don't have him in yours arms.

15) All those hormones that built up in me the last 10 months now have to come out. You can cry over some of the stupidest things.

16) Value a hot meal when you can.

17) What goes into my body and effects me can have an even bigger effect on a breast feeding baby.

18) When help is offered take it. Learn to humble yourself to accept the handouts and the help while you can. Take a nap when you can.

I am sure there is more but right now this is what comes off the top of my head. I had a free moment and I have chosen to blog. I now see and realize what it is like to have no time. Or at least feel like it. A week old now we are still learning about one another. I will never get these moments back and even though there are times when I feel so lost and frustrated I wouldn't change it for the world. The times when I cry cause he is crying and just won't fall asleep and I don't know what to do are ones I could do without but it is worth it. Every second. Every minute is worth it. (I remind myself that through tears sometimes.)
Just some things that I thought of. I would not trade my son for anything in this world. Through the tough moments and the easier ones. When he looks at me with those big beautiful eyes my heart melts every time. Just when you think you have it figured out it changes all over again. No matter how many kids I have been around or helped to raise I tell you that it is still very different and overwhelming the first time you hold that baby in your arms. My baby. My son. Intimidating changing that first diaper, feeding that first time, craddling him in my arms. This is my little boy and there is no going back. I am responsible for a life. Scarey. But oh so worth it.
I love my son.

Oh...another matter what I had laid out for a birth plan it SO doesn't mean that is what will happen. Things can change when in the moment.

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Michelle said...

You've listened to all the advice, and read everything you could get your hands on, your ready, right?

HAHAHAHAHA!! I thought I was prepared! WROING!! hehehe!

Nothing can prepare you for the reality of having a baby. All the changes and responsibility that comes with the baby is overwhelming. God has given you a wonderful gift, and he only gives you what you can handle. Someone reminded me about that when Payton was born, I remember thinking that God had alot more faith in me than I had in myself!! But I got through and you will to.

Your Son is beautiful and you are doing a great job. It's so wonderful to be a part of your life. Love you guys!!