Saturday, September 23, 2006

8 things about me

Alright Shari, I will bite!! But I am not tagging anyone. Everyone I could think of has already been tagged.

1. I am so in love with my best friend and love being his wife.

2. I thought parenting would be easier. HAH!!! But wouldn't trade it for the world.

3. My nickname from Phil is Bug.

4. My dad died when I was 5

5. I have never touched drugs or cigarettes.

6. I have a temper. My son has the same one!

7. I have been in a cop car. Twice. ( try to guess that one! Bet it's not what you're thinking)

8. I love to do laundry.

I bet I can go on!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your such a rebel!!

I just don't know about people who like doing laundry. seems to me you turned a whole load of laundry green over here!!