Thursday, September 07, 2006

Picture it if you will....

Eight am. Heading back from an appointment. The fog has rolled into the valley. The streets are busy with children going back to school. I decide to stop at Mill Lake and go for a walk with my son.
Get there. Realize I don't have the stroller. Oh well, have the snugglie. So I pull my son out of the car seat. And this is where it begins...
The light blue tougue snugs onto his little head and his legs kick like mad. The car is locked and we are off. I'm not wearing the right shoes. I don't have a jacket but my son does. Socks on his little hands. Blanket wrapped around his little body. The silence broken by the chattering of the little man just hanging from my chest. The "Good Morning's" from fellow walkers and joggers. The fog rolls around us. I look up and see the sun. Not bright. Just a big huge ball in the sky. The rays hidden by the thick cloud that thins as it reaches the Earth. Walking around the Lake I am talking to God. How beautiful is this. Gotta get home though.
Walking the whole time wishing that I had my camera, or at least my phone so I could take a picture of the mist rolling over the water. Almost finished the walk. Still wishing I had that camera.
Then I hear it. JUST STOP.
Can't, busy beating myself up about not having a camera to capture the moment.
Misty, Just stop. Just for a minute.
Fine I argue.
Now just sit back and read what I saw. No picture but hopefully the words can do the imagery some justice.
I stop. Reluctantly.
I step off the path into the area where I have bushes on either side of me. I stop. Put my hands on my hips and look across the water. That is when my mind clears and takes it all in.
The sun, the ball. The cluster of ducks off in the distance playing while the fog silently and effortlessly rolls their their feathers. The mist rolls and dances across the water. Tagging the lillies. Each swirl more unique then the last one. What was that? I look off to my right and there in the lillies was a blue heron. Just standing there. Looking at me. Then it lifts its delicate legs and walks out into the water further.
I thanked God. That this was all created by Him and that He created me to enjoy it.
Standing, hands by my side now, shoulders relaxing, calming myself. Thanking God. Feeling Him whisper as I stare out on the water. Feeling my son's steady breath against my chest. He is safe and warm and has fallen asleep. In the stillness, in the quiet He is there. Minutes pass by, reluctant to let go of the moment. Taking in the warmth of my son's breath once more, now with my arms wrapped around his little body a smile crosses my face. I am awestruck. I am amazed. I am loved.
A moment captured with the eye of my mind.
I hope that what I had said has given you all some sort of a glimpse into the stillness, the perfectness of the moment.
My morning walk with my son.

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Sue said...

A moment of intimacy with your Lord as He romances you with whispers of His great love. Beautiful Misty.