Friday, September 01, 2006

My husband is funny .......

I am now stranded at home.
Funny man!
I make his breakfast and lunch every morning. This morning his coworker has his car, thus has his keys. Therefore I did not put keys with his lunch. I had his wallet beside his lunch, his phone also. No keys BESIDE his lunch. Which is where they would normally be.
My keys were on the island opposite his lunch. On the main counter while his lunch and stuff was across the way beside the stove.
Habit I guess, he turned around and grabbed the keys on the island. I have Cooper all ready and I go to find me keys. Wait a minute, where are they? They were here this morning. Where did they go? On the off chance I phoned him and asked if he took my keys. He said no. I said are you sure? You better check. Then I hear, uh-oh....
"You have them don't you?" I asked.
"I'm sorry. Yes I do." He says.
So now I am stranded at home and he is trying to think of a way to get them to me. It is no big deal. It would be nice if I could go for a walk but you need a key to get back into the apartment building.
So, I undress my son from the outside clothes he was wearing. He is now playing on the blanket with his favorite bear. Could this be a sign that I am not supposed to go out today??
silly husband

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Sue said...

now that's why you need a spare set of keys at the apartment.