Sunday, September 24, 2006

Face Down

Heard this song today in church. One line really struck me, well the whole song did but still...
"and I'll fall face down,
As Your glory shines around."

When I first heard the music start to play I reconized the song and stood up to sing with it. There was a time when you would never catch me standing to sing along with a song. But now I will stand up when it moves me to do so. Rarely would I ever put my arms in the air to worship further. I would always peak open my eyes to make sure that I wasn't the only one doing the above actions. Making sure I wasn't drawing attention to myself by being the only one standing with arms raised up. Today as I sang with this song, eyes closed, standing I felt it. The light that shone down. His light filled the room. The room was dark in behind my closed eyes. Then along with those lines I seemed to have seen it. I could see the light that the song was talking about.
Not scary just a brightness and a sense of warmth that wrapped it's arms around this community of believers. I smiled when I heard the voices around me singing. I was never one who liked to sing too loudy because I know that I can't sing. I know that I didn't have a "proper" voice. Then around me I heard it. The voices, out of tune, loud and sincere. All around me, different tones, different volumes. With eyes closed I took it all in while providing my own out of tune words. With eyes closed I sang along, I felt the Glory, I felt and heard the pure, true worship.
Then it came to me. It doesn't matter how well we can sing. We are praising Him. It doesn't matter who sees you with your hands raised, He sees you. It doesn't matter if you are the first to stand, maybe someone who was too afraid will follow your actions but God sees you. He raises you to your feet for His glory. For His pleasure. Lift the hands up towards Heaven. You just might feel God reaching back.
Today in essence I was falling face down. I was letting His glory surround me. I was fighting back the tears. I had arms raised in praise. I had God. I felt God. I heard God. What an awesome feeling.


Welcomed in to the courts of the King
I've been ushered in to Your presence
Lord, I stand on Your merciful ground
Yet with every step tread with reverence

And I'll fall facedown
As Your glory shines around
Yes, I'll fall facedown
As Your glory shines around

Who is there in the heavens like You?
And upon the earth, who's Your equal?
You are far above, You're the highest of heights
We are bowing down to exalt You

So let Your glory shine around
Let Your glory shine around
King of glory, here be found

-Matt Redman


logan said...

wow iv alwais longed for an experiance like that. i to am verry self conchis abought people hearing me. im really glad for you

kristybox said...

I pretty much won't ever be standing up and praising. It's not my style. I'm a conservatively worshiping Catholic in South Louisiana (where the pope is considered a leader, but taken with a grain of salt).

But I do sing in church. Loudly, and out of key. The priest talked about it the other day in his sermon. Our church has probably a thousand members, so he "probably" wasn't actually talking to me directly ;), but he pointed out that if God gave you a beautiful singing voice, it was a great gift you give back to him by using it. And if he didn't (as is definitely the case with me), then he reaps what he sows when you sing nice and loud!

I usually find that peace you describe when saying the rosary, or chanting a prayer, or lighting a candle. A very different approach, perhaps, but I know what you mean when you talk about the feeling it evokes.

I once said that the first time I truly knew God existed was the moment I first saw Ander.

I always suspected he existed, but at that moment, I knew. I'm not sure if I still know, but I knew at that moment, and that is enough to sustain my faith.