Saturday, September 16, 2006

awwww...he missed me

Cooper missed me!!
I went out last night. Although I only lasted through one movie. It was a 1/2 hour drive there and a 1/2 hour drive back so I didn't want to be too late. I left at 6 and got home at 10. So I was gone for a bit. It was hard. I kept looking at the clock.
One of the girls let me use her soaker bucket and some stuff for my feet. Man!! That stuff worked great! My feet still feel good. hehe Then we watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Then I left.
When I got home Phil filled me in. Cooper ate 7ozs. Fell asleep at the bottle. Held onto the bottle for a good half of the feed. Only burped once but still slept well. Went right to bed. I asked, did he miss me. He said that yeah he did. I asked, how could you tell. He said that they would be playing then Cooper would all of a sudden stop and look around with a confussed look on his face. Like he was looking for me. (awwww)
Then he got up at 4:30 this morning to feed. He ate for 20 minutes solid! Usually he only does 10 minutes if I am lucky. He would not take his hand off my face. Then he even slept in until 7!! Usually I would go in there and open the blinds then he would play in his crib for a while. I would sign up and put my hands out to him but he wouldn't want up. So I would wait for him to sign that he wants up.
Well, today I go in there and open the blinds. I look in the crib and say "Hiiii Cooper" and instantly he beamed and threw his hands in the air for up. I picked him up and he snuggled right into me. Awww....made me feel loved. Then this morning when he would lose sight of me he would fuss. He missed me, he really missed me.
It was a nice evening out. Worth it for all of us.


Michelle said...

I'm glad you had an evening out!!

Sue said...

it was nice to have you out. next time I'm challenging you not to look at your phone.

Radlife said...

That's a real feelgood fuzzy.
God Bless you both