Thursday, October 20, 2005

Following Jesus

"To follow Jesus means paying the price, and that price is incremental. He takes us to deeper levels of commitment and each time there’s a cost. So, when the time comes to do the hard—but right—thing, don’t procrastinate. Take the next step and trust Jesus." —Crawford W. Loritts

It really is some messy work. Darn it. But I am striving so hard to do that messy work so that I can live in Christ fully.


bjk said...

This post and your previous....It's just NOT normal is it or our first is for us to live's NOT easy....but I like what you said that He already KNOWS....thanks

Sue said...

I agree, life as His child is never what we believe it to be. It is not the easy road, or the way out of our troubles, but it certainly is a way through them.

So I Go said...

amen to that.. grew up thinking it was the other way around, but now couldn't agree more with this quote.

peace.. jeff