Saturday, October 15, 2005


Last weekend was an interesting one for me. Phil's mom bought us a crib and my mom bought us the bedding we had chosen.
After the shopping was done Phil, Sue and I were all hungry so we went to the local McDonalds in Langley. The one off of 200th and Willowbrook Drive. Across from Staples. While there I saw something and vowed to never go back there.
There was this gentleman sitting kiddie corner to us. He looked homeless. Had a huge back pack with miscelleneous things attached to it. He had come in from outside and gotten a refill on a coffee. From what I saw from my vantage point I didn't see him doing anything wrong. I could tell that some people were actually disturbed and uncomfortable with his presence. There he was quietly sitting stiring his honey into his coffee. Bothering no one.
Now I didn't catch the full conversation and I may be judging, but I am judging upon the actions that I saw carried out before me.
The manager had walked over to him and asked the gentleman for his receipt for his coffee. Now who the heck keeps a receipt for the coffee? I am not sure if the manager was also uncomfortable with his presence or not. The man inside couldn't produce a receipt. So the manager thought that he had scammed it. You know it is SO expensive for a McDonalds cup of coffee. It probably cost him a whole 10 cents. I know some of you may be saying that it wasn't the point. But to me I was appaled.
The manger kicked the guy out and even took away his cup of coffee. My heart felt for him. I had no cash so I couldn't offer to buy him a cup. I wish I could have. I was just taken aback at the managers treatment of a guy that was doing no wrong that any of us could see.
The manager even followed the guy out the store to make sure that he definately left the property. When he went outside he saw two other homeless people sitting on the curb in front of his store. He then proceeded to ask those guys to leave.
I understand that it sets an image for the company but why not create a softer image rather then a strict one that has no room for lines to be crossed. What about one that opened their arms to people that needed it.
Got me to really start thinking. What IF God was one of us?


Michelle said...

I hope there was something going on that you didn't see or hear because that's horrible. I can't beleive he took away the guy's coffee. I would be inclined to have said something or write a letter letting them know you won't be coming back. Sure makes you think doesn't it?

Miss-buggy said...

we did see the guy come inside. And I guess this is kind of like a letter. DOes make me think. That song by Joan Osborne. What if God was one of us.