Friday, October 07, 2005


As some of you may or may not know one of the youths from our church, Jordanna, is in the hospital. Mitch is one of her friends and he keeps us up to date on her progress whenever he can. Last I heard she was going to be transferred to Children's hospital for more care. It looks like her galbladder may need to be removed. She has been in the hospital for 20 plus days now.
I have been thinking a lot about her lately.
There I was laying in my bed barely able to move when I look up and she had made her way to my room from the other end of the hospital. Complete with IV pole and all. She is barely well herself and here she was worried about me and asking me how I was doing. Giving me that warm smile all the time. I was shocked.
Jordanna is an amazing young woman that has had to go through so much growing up and, to put it plainly, crap for someone her age in the past month.
She is someone I can look up to. I really admire her. Her faith in Christ never seemed to falter. She always would have a smile on her face no matter how much pain she may have been in at that moment. Lost her dignity. Has thrown up in front of her friends, her family. Meanwhile I was afraid to throw up in front of the nurses. She has been poked and prodded like a piece of raw meat. Has lost nearly 20 pounds and yet still smiles.
She is in the same boat I was in. Unable to keep anything down. Even water. Yet she laughs in between the pain and the tests. Frustrating answers. Lack there of. Yet she still keeps her awesome disposition. A woman God can really be proud of.
In her state she is in a way ministering to the fellow patients and the nurses. Telling them all about Thailand and never hesitating to talk about God with whoever will listen. She absolutely amazes me and is a good example for me. As I ventured down to her room one day to visit I could hear the worship songs she was playing filling the halls and walking into her room knowing and feeling how much she loved God.
She has kept her faith strong. She even said she was praying for ME. I couldn't believe it. Admidst all her pain and agony she was still thinking about others. Makes me proud to call her a sister in Christ. Proud to call her family. Proud to look up to her even though she is younger.
I am growing and learning and have come a long way. But just like anything in this life being a Christian and following Christ ever so faithfully takes a lot of work. Hard work that you must be willing to do that others may not want to. Requires getting your hands dirty for Christ. I am so glad that I can see this in Jordanna and that amazes me. She truly is an inspiration.
So I am going to end here by asking for continued prayer for her healing and the doctors wisdom. Keep her in your prayers.
If you are like me getting to know this young woman would change your life forever.


Mitch said...

amen to that

curious servant said...

I was following a trail of blogs and comments and I came across yours.

I've sai a prayer for you and your friend.

God bless