Friday, October 28, 2005

I just couldn't wait

The baby's crib came in on Tuesday. I was just itching to set it up. So tonight I was humored. Thanks to daddy, Aunty Sue and I the crib is now assembled and the bedding all put into place. Just waiting on the mattress. Then we even ge tto do some paiting one day soon.
I can't wait to see this little one and I have so much time to go still. It amazes me that although we are trying to come up with names and wondering what L.B. looks like God already knows.
Our room has been rearranged to fit the computer so the baby can have it's own room. The computer just needs to make it there. One day we will have a house so it won't feel so cramped. But for right now we have a home and that is what matters.
I am so tired!! Time for bed.

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