Monday, February 05, 2007

Awesome!! Guess what

Last night Phil and I went to the movies together. We hadn't been since I was very pregnant. We rarely ever go to the movies and I tell ya it was weird being without Cooper.
We don't really have the money to spend but Phil made some extra and decided to take me to the theatre cause who knows when and if that will happen again.
What we did was meet at a friends house at 6 and then we let Cooper play. Then at 6:30 we did the bedtime routine. We put him down for bed in the playpen we keep there. He was talking away to himself and Phil and our friends went down to get some food ahead of time. I stayed a bit longer to make sure he was asleep. My friends son was going to listen for him. 7pm rolls around and Cooper is quiet, no more talking. So I went upstairs and told Joel that he sounds asleep and we were off. He said ok. I had my friends cell phone just in case and it didn't ring at all. Cooper slept soundly the whole time. We paid our "sitter" and then left. Brought Cooper home who decided to wake up on the way home. So we were dreading trying to put Cooper back to bed. But we came in and did the prayer duck (a little stuffed duck that says the Bedtime prayer when you press his foot) and put him into bed. That was it. Didn't hear a peep out of him. Then he slept until 6:15 this morning.
It was such an awesome night. Mind you nothing we could afford but it was well needed. IT WAS SO AWESOME!!


sue said...

and a good movie too!

Nicole said...

I'm not a mother, but in my experience with nursery, sunday school and kids - I've come to find that its often harder for the parents to leave the kid for the first time than it is for the kid to be left! /proud

Miss-buggy said...

yep the first time was definately harder for me then it was for him. This wasn't his first time though. He has been left numerous times it was just our first time back at a movie together. It felt so nice!

Michelle said...

Nice!! What did you see?

Miss-buggy said...

we saw Night at the Museum.
Definately going to buy that one!