Saturday, February 24, 2007

I am a wee bit choked

And I don't even know if I spelled that right!!
I LOVE my new camera. But it started making a clicking noise. So I sent it in to best buy to try to get it fixed. It has been two weeks. I was told it would take two weeks to 2 MONTHS!!! I got the extended, extended warranty so it won't cost me anything. BUT COME ON!!
I just called there and it is STILL IN TRANSFER!! It has been two weeks and it went to their repair depot and now it is going out to another repair depo. Give me a friggen break!!
They said that if it takes longer then 2 months they will just give me a new camera. OH YOU BETTER BELIEVE I AM HOLDING THEM TO THAT ONE!! I bet it will be OVER two months.
The guy on the phone said it could be a week before they even know what is wrong with the camera. So help me if I get it back and it is worse or something. Cause the camera was expensive they have to try to repair it first. Then if it is something that is more then what the camera costs to repair they give me a new one.
I just want my camera back!! Sniff, sniff..........I got a new baby to take pics of and I have yet to get into the camera and play around with the options.
Thanks though to Sue for graciously lending me her camera. At least I get some pictures!!
I feel better now for venting


Michelle said...

Yeah, I would be lost without my camera too. You can always pick up mine and play when we together, just to get you through the withdrawel.....

Nicole said...

I bet they will return your camera one day shy of 2 months. Yes, I know I'm full of optimism.

Miss-buggy said...

Actually I wouldn't doubt if you were right Nicole. I am just a wee pit peed off and a wee bit livid!!