Thursday, February 22, 2007

Poor Cooper

I feel so bad for Cooper. He has eczema so bad. We saw the doc on monday and he gave us yet ANOTHER cream to try and it didn't work. We went back yesterday now he wants to get us in to see a ped. THIS week ASAP.
It started on his legs. Then it went to his arms. Then it went to his poor little face and now his belly and back. We were even using a milder detergent that is less abrasive. We put lotion stuff in the tub. We even put lotion on him. NOTHING has helped. I thought maybe it was cause I was drinking milk so I cut that out for a few days and it didn't help. And the doc told me I could drink milk and it wouldn't affect him. I beg to differ on that one!
Plus the last few nights, well two weeks actually, he has been waking up at least 1-2 times a night. Crying. We would go in there and try to put him down. The only thing that worked was rubbing his belly. It is like he has gas. Now I wonder if the two are realted. The only new things he has had are cheerios and saltless crackers. But he was eating those for a few weeks prior to all of this.
The eczema around his little eye is starting to bleed now. Poor kid. I cry for him. It has to hurt. It has to be itchy. I am waiting to hear back if I get to see the Ped we saw when he was younger. Pray with me that we do. She was SO nice and it is hard to find good doctors that listen to you and take general concern and worry for the baby.
Here is a pic. The pic does it no justice. It looks so much worse in person. Plus it is even swelling around his eye. I don't know what to do! Doc please call today with the appointment with the ped I like. (her name is Dr. Cohen) Please pray......sorry if it all sounds so trivial....
he used to have such perfect skin!!


Summer Engh said...

I agree with you. Poor kid. I had to go through something like that with my son. He now has scars because of it. I went to the ped one time but his rash was cleared. What luck! Anyways I hope you can get treatment for him soon.

Kaylyn said...

Brayden had it really bad. We switched to mild baby detergent and no fragence softener. Also mild wash in tub. 1.5% cream...can not remember the name of it, prescibed by doc.

Aveeno oatmeal bath stuff and lotion. Aveeno seemed to help Brayden. Along with the 1.5% stuff.